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#Alignment : The Message (Berlin) For Maison Close x Voxnox at KM25

Dernière mise à jour : 2 sept. 2021

All art draws its inspiration, its soul, its life from its time. It's all there, that's the only reason. From this relentless correlation, the most beautiful tracks, the most beautiful works, the most beautiful poems are constantly born. Why ? Because art takes on its full meaning when it exudes sincerity, like a sublimated view of a concrete situation.

So let us not be surprised, dear brothers and sisters, that our forefathers, however valiant they may be, did not understand techno and electronic music in general. From our natural tolerance, we understand in our turn because sincerely : How could they? A series of kicks, high-pitched beats, acid diversions and these anti-placid, dissonant, uncertain rhythms in no way attract the sensitivity they have inherited.

But we also inherited other things and especially this other sensitivity to a world that is no longer. Techno is a violent music? No, that's the era.

Artists like CLTX, Lacchesi, Alignment and Laze only perpetuate the duty of the artist, remaining the faithful servant of their time and especially of their generation.

To oppress this music is to oppress its youth, to accuse this art is to accuse its time of it. Let us turn the question in the other direction, let us divert the adages, the false truths, finally privilege the one and only sincere.

At a time when bombs are raining, people are dying, men and women cry, oppression remains, freedom forever will remain the sole and most sincere of desires.

So, when you dance to the frantic melodies of Alignment at Kilometre 25 this Friday, ask yourself, ask them the unique and fatal question. Where does this violence come from? From you to me, you know that anyway already.

On the occasion of the collaboration between Maison Close Records and Voxnox Berlin, I am pleased to receive Alignment for an interview. We meet and we ask ourselves questions on August 20 at Kilometer 25?

Alignment for Radio Loubard

Hi Alignment, happy to e-host on Radio Loubard, is that your first french interview ? How you’re doing ?

Hi, thanks for having me! I am doing great, just moved to Italy and enjoying some time off before the winter season.

I remember seeing you playing at Griessmuehle in May 2018, I had a really weird adventure with a friend during your set that I can’t really talk about here haha! Great to see you back behind the deck! Happy to come back to Paris ?

Yes totally, Paris is one of my favorite cities to play. Great audience and vibes!

Despite the situation this year, you’ve been pretty productive with 2 releases this year. How did you conceive the last E.P on KNTXT ?

I really wanted to produce a strong EP after this pandemic year. “Power” EP is reflecting good energy and vibes we had on the dancefloors pre-COVID and hopefully soon again!

What about the successful “Orderly Chaos” E.P on Voxnox ? What are the main inspirations on it and what did you want to add compared to your preview release ?

I really focussed on on oldschool trance influences, the maind lead takes us back straight to 90s dance floors. Your style is, in my opinion, really finding its gems by the mastering of melodies and harmonic progression surrounded by a strong groove.

What do you have in mind when you produce ?

I try to focus and concentrate on my latest inspirations and feelings. Sometimes I really like it to create a fusion of genres as well, to express myself artistically.

Did this year change something on the way you’re producing or playing ?

Yes, you have basically no limitations.

What is the story between you and Voxnox ? How do you feel inside it ?

I met Fabio 7 years ago, we vibed directly and just wanted to create something together. This is how the project and our collaboration started and still continues.

You had the chance to recently play in Medellin! How was it? The energy of the crowd looks insane!

It was a really great experience to play in Colombia and this amazing crowd and kind people.

Even if you’re based in Berlin for a long time, you’re from Bologna in Italy. This city looks pretty different from the other ones in the country with a special atmosphere and vibe. How is it to live and grow up there ?

I am from Cattolica, close to Rimini at the sea side. Growing up on the sea is always special and gives me a certain calm. Of course the food is simply amazing as well. hehe

How is the current scene in Bologna and in Italy for now ?

It’s hard in Italy in general. We never had a huge scene, after Covid more clubs and promoters are gone, so basically it’s really tough for people from the industry right now.

How do you see yourself in 3 years ?

Hopefully working normal again without COVID limitations! :D

Thank you for answering my questions Alignment! What are the next projects, gigs or releases ?

A lot of good stuff is coming :) stay tuned and thanks a lot … Can’t wait for Friday.

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