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#AlisaKarin : The Message (Bulgaria/Sofia)

When I'm looking at the Alisa's works, I can trying to think for hours at the supposed sense or meaning of this thing or an other one. But it's definitely a vain cause, a useless fight, because what she is offering it's just the fragrance of matter the most : emotions.

Let's admit that "what matter" is one of the most relevant question in our mind and in the distinguished era that we share together.

I could talk to you about the notion of mind by quoting some philosophers but I am, in fact, too poor in the matter and I prefer to be sincere by concentrating on the word that follows it, on the one that for me really "counts".

Faced with ourselves, left to our thoughts and richer than our doubts, this year of confinement has allowed us to focus on what matters most to each of us, on what is essential. This very fashionable word in its negation to our greatest despair is at the center of our questioning, of our emotions and especially applies purely in our feelings. Because, you will agree dear readers, that we cannot define for all what is essential to each one, to identify the essential is above all to feel it fully. Others have, during this year, allowed themselves to choose for us what was essential and what was not, flouting the emotions of each and leading to a common depression felt by all.

If I refused the quotation of some philosophers at the beginning of these lines, I allow myself to steal the words of a poet from my region, from the south of France, whom I admire enormously, René Char.

"The essential is constantly threatened by the insignificant"

Our generation, led by the abundant notifications, the alcoholic thirst for fame, influence the insignificant and sad of the likes counter is harshly abusing what we all know yet essential.

The friendship, the travel, the meeting, the sometimes cruel but always attractive sincerity of the love or the sensation to touch a loved one during shared emotions without modesty during raves without return.

What is essential is put to the test in the face of the insignificance of social networks, forced isolation and gatherings that are constantly refused, constantly postponed. The sad insignificance of the decisions that now influence our lives every day are gradually replacing what is essential and what really matters to the spirit.

The essential is the very essence, what, once again free, the senses lead to and in this chaos that is the day after, we must not let the threat of the insignificant alter our sensations and suppress our emotions.

For instance, Alisa has truly understanding in a sincere way what does matter the most. Emotion, beauty, simplicity, a sunshine, a body or whatever, it's not what we are showing that's matter, it's what we are expressing.

As long as there are imprisoned emotions, there will be artists to release them. Thanks Alisa.

Alisa Karin for Radio Loubard

Hi Alisa ! Such a pleasure to host you here in Paris as the first Bulgarian on Radio Loubard! How are you doing ?

Hi. It's such a pleasure for me too! Right now I feel really great.

Could you please introduce yourself to our dears and lovely readers ?

Yes. I am Alisa Karin, an actress, a photographer, content creator and a future director.

I grew up in Bulgaria and I'm currently living here. My head is full of dreams who turn into goals. I have been chasing the stars since I was a child. I don't like being told I can't do something and even quite the opposite. I love it. It motivates me. For me there are no limits of what I can achieve and where I can go. And I think that comes from my mother. She is a true warrior so I got this from her.

You were lucky enough to have a family shifted towards arts in all its forms of expression even if they were not properly artists. Did this connect you forever to this world?

Absolutely. I will be forever thankful to my parents and the way they introduced me to art. For me art was never a job, a subject you study in school or just a temporary entertainment. I grew up in a very artistic circle, surrounded by painters, musicians, actors. So when I was a kid these people marked my heart forever with endless parties, the masquerade balls, the galleries, the concerts, the rehearsals, the love they had for life itself.

It got so deep into my soul that I couldn't imagine living my life in any other way. I could express myself in any way I wanted to.

I started to dress up in different styles every day, started playing the piano, singing in

choirs, writing, painting and dancing. They thought us how to be free, loving, dreaming and that no matter what happens, the music will always continue to play.

Do you have a memory to share with us about your childhood that has been decisive in your artistic choice ?

My interest in photography came after I graduated highschool. As for acting I do remember that whenever we used to play games where we pretended to be different characters were my favorite. I could play this game all day, because it felt so good to be able to be whoever you want to and really believe you are this character in real life. It made me feel invincible. It's kinda scary now, because I do it till this day. I love to play that game.

But, of course, I would never use my "powers" for something bad, haha. So from there I fell in love with acting so much. I can play my game and actually have people that watch me play and enjoy it? Amazing.

You are super close to your family and they are frequently the main subjects of your arts! How can you describe your relationship with them ?

Haha, yes. Well, I just can abuse them more into my weird ideas and projects. We are four cousins - 2 pairs of sisters. We grew up together and never felt we were anything else but sisters. I am blessed to have them in my life and most of the time I don't need anyone else but them. No other feeling like the one we can give to one another. They are my biggest supporters and biggest critics.

Now three of us are in Bulgaria and the smallest one, Elitsa, is in France. We talk a lot, we can't see each other so often and we miss her so much, but that has never had a negative impact on our relationship. We often dream about buying a big house somewhere for all of us, where we can live together, haha. That would be so fun.

You’re now in a cinema school for your final year (send us a message when you graduate!!) Why did you choose to go to a cinema school ? Does it influence in some way your conception of your arts now ?

It's funny because my university doesn't know what I do. They just think I am a student who is not so consistent. But when I shoot my movie I will definitely send it to you, haha. As for my choice - I was very confused. I was 19, doing so many things.

I wanted to go into acting school, but I didn't want it to be in Bulgaria and I had missed the terms for applying. So I decided to go into film school. When I got in I was still confused and couldn't follow up so much with the program because I was working and was having some trouble with my mental health. Actually university didn't help me with my photography but the other way around.

You see, I have never taken any photography classes. My mind works like this - If I want it bad enough I will learn how to do it, no matter the situation. So that's what I did.

What do you like the most in the process of shooting ?

How messy it gets. I love to make a mess and then pick a flower out of it.

Do you always think or prepare your shooting session or is everything more spontaneous ?

Definitely spontaneous, but when it comes to my own projects. When I am working with a brand or a person I can't be spontaneous. I have to be prepared and focused.

You were saying to me that your photos are connected with your emotion and so the captions that you are adding on are also connected to it. Is that a way for you to feel more free when you’re shooting ?

Of course. If I don't put my bare self out there, how can I ask for people to trust me. That's why even If I fail at something I never overlook it. I always aim to be true to myself. That could only happen if I don't hold my emotions in while shooting.

Does your Instagram finally work like a testimonial or a personal diary ?

I think both. As you can see I post my work alongside random photos of my life. I never wanted to separate my professional life from my personal one. That's me. I am my photoshoots, I am my trip videos, I am my thoughts that I write,

I am everything I post. Life is too short to live a double life. Make it one and make it count.

Your photos are mostly focused on the human body and its details and unique natural aesthetic. Why do you choose to put a special attention and eye on it ?

Aah, because I find human bodies very unique. The human body is art by itself. It's so tender, so poetic, so brutal sometimes. Every movement tells it's own story and I like to capture that story.

Even if we can feel a melancholic side in your works, everything is pretty colorful and the image treatment is so sweet ! Do we sometimes forget a bit about colors ?

The world is slowly losing its color. And we seem to be okay with it. I don't want to live there, so I am creating my own world where everything is colorful and bright.

Some of your photos look like an ever ending summer with fragrances of a strong 90’s or 60’s vibes. Did these periods influence you in some ways ?

Yes. I love these times. I love the years between 60s and 90s, the music, the photography, the movies, the architecture, the fashion. It's kind of careless, people seemed to be enjoying every moment. There were so many outdoor and indoor activities you could

do with your friends. We don't communicate as much nowadays. We don't enjoy our moments and our lives. And it's sad.

How is it to grow up in Bulgaria as an artist ?

Bulgaria is a beautiful place. Very rich with its nature which is very inspiring to me. We have great artists here but sadly not many people appreciate them. I think it's because most of the people are so busy working and trying to survive, that they don't have the time to think about anything else. It's just how it is here. Life in Bulgaria is not easy for many people.

And art is not a priority. But for me that is even a bigger stimulation to continue chasing my dreams. I will never sit down and complain of how hard it is to succeed here, because that's the easiest thing to do. Plus now that we have social media it's really easy to get

more visibility. You just have to be consistent and work on your goals.

How is the current artistic scene in Sofia now ?

It's slowly coming out of it's shelf. I think people are more brave to express themselves. And because life is a little hard here, young people look for happiness in art. Which I think is amazing.

Thank you for your words ! What are now the next steps for you ?

Thank you so much for having me! Now I am focused on my graduation, some upcoming projects and some quality time with my friends and family. The previous couple of months weren't exactly the easiest for me, but that doesn't stop me from feeling amazing, grateful and happy. I will always believe in myself and I know that good things are yet to come.

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