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#Carly : The Message (Vancouver)

Art always reveals a weakness and it is in this that it is deeply human. It is also in that that it expresses itself fully, that it emancipates and especially that it liberates. One is free to feel something different from the other, but you must admit, dear readers, that we don't have much opportunity to express ourselves with our weaknesses in this society. Finance, school and the concept of "success" don't really glorify weakness, perceived as the synonym and ultimate symbol of failure.

Fortunately art is the blessed home of weakness, creativity is often a continuation or positive result of constructive failure, constantly evolving and developing.

Once again, you are wondering why I am telling you all this and what right I have to give a short eulogy to weakness.

You are not wrong and once again I am doubling myself and clearing myself of all responsibilities by using the intentions of my guest of the day, Carly who as a strong girl transformed her defects into strength.

What could be more in phase with art than the sublimation of a defect? A defect is worked on, understood until it becomes an exaggeration of qualities. This stratagem even lies in its way of working: up-cycling works in this way, using manufacturing defects is born a unique piece, the result of an improvement of what one has seen fit to define as a defect, a problem, a mistake.

We are all unique and imperfect beings and we must trust our defects because in them lies much more beauty and above all humanity. The perfection of Swedish design, the whiteness of a Greek statue, the hypocrisy of the perfect body is quite boring in front of the absurd diversity of everyday life. If art must be the witness of its time, let it be honest for once!

That's why art is one of the most precious things we have and its role today is growing. That's why we need Carly, you and your neighbor to keep producing, to show our weaknesses and the weaknesses of the world around us. I show my weaknesses when I write, Carly shows her when she write and shoot ! Art shows our weaknesses and that's where its strength lies.

Carly for Radio Loubard

Hi Carly ! So happy to e-host you as the first Canadian friends on Radio Loubard ! How are you doing now ?

I am doing great. Beat the Thailand jet-lag, my back’s disk is less bulged, and I am getting back into the swing of work.

When we had this call you were in ail (with champagne) in Thailand ! How did you escape and where are you now ?

My negative covid test result from the day prior slipped under my door that morning and I was free from my covid jail. I am back home now in Vancouver, BC. The champagne had me moving slowly that morning however.

So, alright tell us a bit of who you are ?

I am a lifestyle and portrait film photographer from Vancouver BC. I am currently 26 years old and photography and having fun is my full time job.

How did you get with photography ? Were you this famous girl on Facebook creating an album after each party…?

My grandparents had cameras laying around, digital and film and it started there. With duck face selfies of course. Then yes, when highschool came around with Facebook I would upload an album of around 200 photos after an event or hangout. I would edit them on the website Picnik. I loved the preset “Hardlight” if anyone knows what that is. I believe that's where the love of event and candid photography came from, and that harsh flash look.

Why did you choose to work only with film photography ?

It is just so romantic. Lol. Also, the process is beautiful and teaches patience. It is also the only chill or hipster aspect about me so I cling dearly to it.

You told me that the major part of the people that you’re shooting are mostly strangers that comes from the Internet or meeting during events. What does working with strangers actually bring to you ?

Keeps me social, open minded, and patient once again. You never know what one stranger could do for you too.

According to your words “My eyes are horny for everything” when you need to find inspiration haha ! Isn't it hard to deal with this “horny inspirational hunger” when you only have one life to shoot ?

Yes, I wish my story had multiple scripts, but that is why I am so down for anything. A lot of firsts and a few never agains. Saying yes to everything helps too.

You’re style, or a least what you show on social media, is pretty shifted towards a sexy, iconic and erotic aesthetic. How did you enter into this world ? We want stories !!

I started shooting the strippers of the city on a whim of hanging out with this local model. We were having some drinks one weekend and she said we should go to her Sugar Daddy’s house which we did. Once at the said SD’s place, I met a popular dancer and we agreed to shoot that Monday. I was nervous she would bail by the time the weekend ended but she was super keen and it started an ever ending flow of clients for me. The sexiest clients might I add.

Also, that man slipped $200 USD to me for no reason so I was stoked.

Because people are now, in a way, expecting you to shoot this special kind of world, are you not scared of being blocked in this only perspective ?

It does worry me. Just because I do really love doing street photography, events, parties, etc. However, even now with the small follower count I have, there are the true ones who never fail to comment on a blog post or not sexually oriented photo and it keeps my flame burning.

Beside your Instagram account, you also have a blog that really shows different insights of your personality in a more sensitive and emotional way with a strong sense of storytelling that your writing style is sharing. Why did you decide to create this blog ?

I always wanted to write, ever since I can remember. I just was always so shy about it, I wasn’t (and still aren’t) sure if I wanted people to know how sensitive I actually am. I started out easy with my blog, showing little intros of my style then doing a piece of someone else. I slowly got into it then eventually just was doing pieces of my own and the feedback was great so I haven’t stopped.

Is writing your secret first love…?

Yes, but the big dirty secret is out now on the internet forever.


You also work with a lot of sex workers. How did you get into that?

Well from the story above where I got invited to that girls Sugar Daddy’s house really started it. Then local strip clubs here started to ask out to shoot their merch, events and it has never stopped. In November I got off a plane from Montreal and had to go straight from the airport at midnight to the No 5 Orange for their Move Something Night. I was up on stage with the girls getting shots of them dancing in their merch. It was the coolest thing I have ever done, besides this interview.

If you have any advice for young people that want to become a professional photographer ?

Just keep shooting. Take pictures of everything. Challenge yourself. Let yourself mess up. And do not cry over blank film.

What are your next projects ?

I will be featured in 2 shows in April. The Kyotographie International Photography Festival in Kyoto Japan with my friends from Paperwork NYC, and a local photo show about pre covid times here in Vancouver with Burb. Along with this you can also expect a print and online publication from a shoot I did in LA this April as well. Big Month.

You're cooooooming to Paris in May !!! Would you accept to party with us ? Only champagne for sure….

I fully accept. Let them eat cake!

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