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#DavitJishkariani : The Message (Tiflis/Dusseldorf)

When did you start painting ?

I was 9 years old when I made my first sketch.

What is color for you, a way to take time for yourself?

Color is for me like the light and shadow of nature, which I see and watch how it then turns into a certain shape, object as shadow

Taking time for you: i somehow never or hardly have free time, often i have to steal time from time

Why portraits? Do you think faces are more interesting than bodies?

I would say head instead of portrait. Head simply because I think everything starts in the head, our perception of the whole thing takes place in the head

All details are important because they can show specific or abstract feelings.

Do you draw people you know?

Most of the time it is unknown people that I get to know in my own way during the painting process.

Is art a way to show intimacy?

Depending on what you mean by intimacy, but yes, everything is possible to be shown through art.

I sense a certain violence in your drawings and paintings: The face often looks crazy, sad or tortured.... Do you find it difficult to paint happiness?

I find in art violence, crazy, sad, happy, beautiful, all human interpretation. I deal with my drawings to show human truth and communicate directly with dimensions.

I don't give a damn how my art is interpreted

Do you find art interesting when it doesn't say anything to the viewer?

No. Art is always visible and effective.

How do you use the colors?

Like all artists, I usually start with one color and end with another color

You draw all these faces because you are lonely sometimes?

When it comes to pure art, an artist is always lonely in his art process, be it in the studio or elsewhere.

What is your "regret" in relation to?

I do not regret anything

What are your inspirations? What emotions inspire you?

Most of the time I get inspiration from people, but it can be anything.

What would you say to a young painter? What advice would you give him?

If they are even a little unsure if they are really an artist or if what they are doing is art, then this is the best time to stop.

But if they have a gut feeling as an artist, then work non-stop to rid yourself of all other ambitions

What do you have hope for (general)?

I don't have hopes, I think hopes are nonsense. I have goals.

Can you recommend an artist?


Love greetings !

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