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#Enzo : The Message (Athens)

I'm always struggling with the word "stability" because it's a word than I can one day deeply desire and an other one totally reject as the murderer of my alleged freedom. So when I'm struggling with a word my first instinct is to open my dictionary. Here is the definition that my good old friend's is gently giving it to me :

"State of a construction capable of remaining in permanent equilibrium."

Ok, first of all it's a "state" so a way to being that result of a construction, a progression and an evolution, something that you reach at some point and can be declared as such. That's more the second part of the definition who intrigues me. Being capable of remaining in permanent equilibrium look more like something an atom can reach, not a human living in a society.

On this way, stability look pretty boring (sorry Enzo) but imagine a night ride that remains stable or a romance without any evolutions, adventures or new situation. You can also a imagine a relationship with the loved one that will strictly follow a dedicated patch, smooth and flat. Which poet will be inspired by this story ?

But let's remain relative, because stability is also relative. Stability define an equilibrium so a constant exchange between 2 weights. If you take your heart beating measure on an electrocardiogram, you will see him beating from top to bottom and if we have to follow our heart, life is pretty much working like this.

Sometimes everything is doing great, you're at the top of your life and from nowhere you're feeling down, at the bottom of the beats of your heart, at a low happiness frequency. The point of it is that you can find inspiration in both states and finding your own stability on this way : Constantly shared between the beats of your heart.

What's wrong with it ? Acceptation is maybe the first step to find your state of equilibrium and Enzo during his night session is here to make us remember this. Life is like a party, going through different emotions, different speed and different feelings that's create this relative stability that I was scared of at the beginning of this introduction.

Find your tempo and you heart will follow.

But today, dears brothers and sisters, we are following the tempo of Enzo shooting the nightlife scene in Athens with passion and ambition. Are there any stability in his works ? Let's agree on not but who fucking care ? He is just following the natural way of what living free means, accepting and playing with the beating of the Athens's youth hearts.

It's why I'm so happy and glad to introduce you to Enzo, one of the kindest, sincere and passionated people that I have the chance to interview.

Here is the story of our fratello Enzo ! Keep sharing, keep living, keep making it !

Enzo for Radio Loubard

Hi my boy Enzo !!! Such a pleasure to e-host you as the first Greek friend on Radio Loubard ! Because I think that in the times we are all living, our priority must be to take care of each other. My first question will be simple : How are you doing ?

Hello, I’m super fine, enjoying these sunny days here, in Athens.

Simple journalistic formality but nevertheless useful for our very dear reader of the day, could you please introduce yourself ?

I’m Enzo, my real name is Aggelos, I’m 30yo and I’m a photographer and videographer based in Athens, Greece.

How did you get into photography as your main activity ? Tell us about these horrible clubs on this island….?

Back in 2013, I bought my first camera and I started taking photos on vacation and punk live concerts. Some years later, summer of 2017, I was drinking beers with a friend who's a photographer, and he proposed to me to work in a night club in Chios island.

Oh damn. It was like a war zone, I think.

You were a backstage and club photographer for a long time ! What did you learn about these experiences ?

That’s a nice one. I learned how to catch the best moments and work with new people and new faces every day.

Why did you choose to work only with film photography ?

I actually don't shoot on film. I choose to emulate the film effect.

So Enzo, some people are butchers, some are accountants, others folks are journalists but you Enzo, you’re “shooting nudes for a living”. Is that a real job ?

Not tax-wise, at least for me, personally. Seriously talking though, I have some big projects on the way so it could get real.

How did you enter this world ? What made your subjects trust you for this kind of shoots ?

I don’t even remember. I just wanted to shoot something different, more interesting and more spontaneous.

A naked body, to me, is nothing more than that. If you're just doing your job and if you don’t have a bad intention to touch your subject, trust comes by itself.

Because people are now, in a way, expecting you to shoot this special kind of world, are you not scared of being blocked in this only perspective ?

I was thinking a lot about this lately. Hopefully I'll keep doing it because I like it as an option, but I still try to create something different each time. So it’s really up to me to change this if it really does happen one day.

You told me that police in Greece were rough bastards even controlling social media. That's why you’ve decided to never show your face on your instagram. How is the police with the youth in Athens ?

That’s only one part of the story. The other reason I'm not showing my face, is due to the stupidity of people thinking that im a girl, because of the photos that I take. They were sending me texts like “let’s have a shower together", etc so I have fun with them. You must always have fun with idiots. It’s the only way to fight them.

You were saying to me that being a youth in Athens now it’s pretty boring, the vibes there are not helping to create and to push forward arts in general. What created this atmosphere ?

I blame Instagram and Tik Tok trends for destroying the culture. Also, if you make something new on your own, besides those trends, they will try to copy that. It’s ok to copy if you are inspired by the work of an artist and you want to create something yours, but it’s totally different if you want to do the exact same thing, just to obtain more followers or to feed your poor ego.

Are people in Athens still searching for their identities ?

I'm not even sure if they know that they don’t have their own identities anymore. Of course, I’m not talking about everyone. It’s sad to see people pretending to live in California when they are in Greece.

You had the opportunity to collaborate with different people coming from various artistic fields. Could you talk about these collaborations ?

Oh yes, definitely. I feel so lucky about my collabs. I’m working with the best rapper here in Greece, @nerogreco. It’s been almost two years following him and capturing his life. The best thing about this, is the fact that I’m part of his legacy.

Why do you like to collaborate ? What does it bring to your work ?

It's nice when I meet new people, I get to know them and we share our common perspectives about a new project.

You’re also the founder of ATH RAW a “community of artists around the globe”. What is the purpose of this initiative ?

That’s my kid. It’s a way to meet new artists on an international level, work with them, get inspired by them, and inspire others.

Is that also a way to connect Athens with other cities ? That could be a nice outcome of this project. It could be nice if photographers in Greece unite and put A in the map. Where do you see yourself in 3 years ?

Somewhere in Europe, shooting music videos and living my best life, to be honest.

I heard about a lot of empty buildings that have been left after the crisis. What are all of these buildings become since then ? They remain abandoned. Almost 10 years ago, there were some groups of people who occupied them to create refugee shelters etc but the government had an opposite intention. Would you have 3-4 artists from Athens to make us discover ? @nerogreco



Would you have 3-4 tracks to share with us ?

Light (Nero Greco) - Anexartita

Kareem Kalokoh - Whip Game

Νέγρος Του Μοριά - Το ΄χουν Κάψει

When will you come with Yadooh in France to cause some troubles ? Hopefully this summer and I can’t wait for it. Finally, I wanted to express my appreciation to Gianni Michopoulo and Jay Geroulia for their continued support over the last years. Their advice has become invaluable as I progress in my career. Also a big shout out to @apng_ (Anastasia Panagopoulou). Maybe the best newcomer in Athenian photography scene. P.S. This is my very first interview. Thank you Cesar!

Where do you see yourself in 3 years ?

Somewhere in Europe, shooting music videos and living my best life, to be honest.

When will you come with Yadohh in France to cause some troubles ?

Hopefully this summer and I can’t wait for it.

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