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#Intinbint: The Message (London/Yemen)

Sometimes life is hard, rough and unfair, and you see yourself slowly starting to lose the faith. The faith in what you thought you were truly loving, faith in the people, faith in yourself. For me faith is the close and intimate sister of passion and when you loosing it you're also loosing what makes humanity insane.

A faith that does not doubt is a dead faith, so when I'm "faithing" back, fighting back I'm always seeing what life bring to us as possibility to learn, to grow and to evolve. Sometimes life is unfair, but sometimes life bring you connection, exchange, art, culture and above all brilliant and lovely people.

Today, dears brothers and sisters, life is fair because life brought to us Noah, a yemenite women based in London! From a different perspective making what she loves with commitment, faith and passion. When I've discovered what you will also discover in the following lines, I found the faith back because I saw in her eyes the conviction and devotion to arts and passion that was missing to me back then.

We've been separated, lockdown was more used than freedom, and we can find again this sacred word into the connection between different people and culture. Her devotion throughout her work in her projects and with Al Yamaniah is a proof that hope still exist as long as women like Noah are acting on the best way for her people.

The highest gift that you can do is to know someone that will resonates with something you created and it's truly what she creating. By empowered her community by gathering it, she is not just creating a platform, but she create connexion.

She is totally right, and there is no more precious and secret thing that enjoying the emotion of touched the heart of someone. You can win Grammys or win a Nobel Prize for Literature, the core and the roots of arts come from this little emotion that a connexion create. That's why you need to create, to stay creative, and to not be scared of showing what you're doing.

Make it pure, make it real, make it yours, shine on you crazy readers because you deserve it, humanity deserve it. What you're doing will resonate for someone, from the other side of the Mediterranean Sea, for a teenager in France or just around the corner of your street, what's the difference ?

Trust in yourself, art is everywhere if you decide to see it, in your job, in friendship and of course in love. Don't forget that, you can resonate for someone, you can give back the faith to someone somewhere through arts.

Brothers and sisters, dear readers, you can imagine how glad I am to introduce you to Noah and her arts. I hope you will love her as much as I am.

Noah for Radio Loubard

Hi Noha or Intibint as you want haha! So glad to host you today as the first yemenite woman on Radio Loubard! How you’re doing?

I’m goooooooood, thank you! i wish it wasn’t raining, but it’s also London so…

Could you introduce yourself to your new french audience?

My name is Noha, my artist name is Intibint and I am a British Yemeni artist living in London. I love music and all art related things

What does Intbint mean? Why was it important for you to choose this name?

It means ‘You’re a girl’, and I chose it because this phrase was always said to undermine me and my fellow females. We are always told we can’t do certain things because we are women and I always hated that. So I decided to take the phrase and change it by using it as my name and doing all the things I was told I shouldn’t do.

You have a really powerful and strong relationship with Yemen. How do you conceive this connection with the culture and the country?

I am a very proud Yemeni, I love my Yemeni culture and it inspires so much of my art. I like to use my art as a tool to keep me connected to my culture by adding Yemeni references to my visuals and using arabic language and sounds within my music. I find this really important, not only to keep me connected to it but also to make sure that the Yemeni culture reaches more people.

Could you explain what happened in Yemen recently and what is the impact on its citizens now?

Right now Yemen is experiencing a civil war which has led it to be home of the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, with around 21 million people in need of humanitarian assistance, including more than 11 million children.

How is it to be a woman in Yemen today ?

It is difficult to be a woman anywhere but especially in Yemen as the war has made the situation for women even more unbearable. Women in Yemen already face many obstacles due to the patriarchal nature of the society there, however there are many women showing us that despite everything happening they continue to live strong.

Did things change through the years ?

Yes Yemeni women have become leaders over the years however with the war there have been many setbacks. In the art scene especially, more and more women have been emerging, the war just limits how far they can go.

What is Al Yamaniah ? What is it role ?

Al Yamaniah is a platform for Yemeni women, it allows us to gather them all in one place where they can inspire each other and find opportunities. It’s important for us to keep encouraging Yemeni women to delve into their artistic passions despite obstacles that can arise.

Al Yamaniah on Instagram

People from the Occidental countries always see middle east countries as a place where only wars and misery exist and happen. That is mainly caused by the fact that we only heard about these countries through images that we see on TV. Showing that something else exists there was also an objective of Al Yamaniah ?

Yes this is definitely very important to us at Al Yamaniah. Yemeni women also have this repeated narrative of being victimes, through Al Yamaniah, they can control their own narrative through art.

Don’t you think that it’s even crazier that women are doing that in an era of political instability ?

Yes definitely.

Ok let’s start with your musical activities! So, you're a songwriter, singer and also a composer, brilliant haha! How can you describe your style?

I am a singer, songwriter, producer and visual artist. It can get a little hectic at times, but I love it all so I’m just grateful I get to do it. At the moment I am experimenting with alt R&B and electronic music, but I really don’t like to restrict myself to one specific genre or format, if I like how something sounds I just go with it.

What are the themes of your tracks?

I sing about love and relationships but of course my experience of those is unique as a Yemeni British woman growing up in the U.K… but that’s what my music is about.

As a muslim woman, what are the expectations from your parents when its about having a relation with an other soul?

There are a lot of expectations, usually they have to be of the same nationality and religion as me, and that was difficult for me growing up.

You were saying to me that you’ve received a lot of messages from other women that were sharing the same experience about love with you. How do you feel about that?

I love receiving these kinds of messages because I know what it’s like to feel alone in these experiences, and so it feels amazing to connect with other women on such a personal level.

What are the next releases???

My next release is an EP of 5 songs. It’s called What Are You Willing To Do and will be released on the 9th of July.

You’re also drawing, great news! What are you trying to express when you do it?

I really just let out whatever I am feeling, it’s another way I like to express myself.

Will we see some of your drawings incorporated into your music soon?

Yes! my EP cover is an artwork which I drew, and one that I like very much, so I’m really excited for people to see it!

If you have a message for our generation, what would you say?

You deserve to be happy so make sure to fight for whatever it is that makes you feel that way. Thank you so much for this! I hope people will enjoy it!!



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