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Lorenzo Raganzini & Paolo Ferrara : HEX Paris 06.11.21

What does Lorenzo & Paolo are doing with Hex never been so relevant for our generation. By putting their energies and values for the movement, there are truly targeting and going to the source, to what really matter to what we are reaching when we are together on the dance-floor.

I could talk to you about the notion of spirit by citing a few philosophers but I am, remaining, too poor in the matter and I therefore prefer to show sincerity by concentrating on the word which follows it, on the one which for me really "count".

Facing ourselves, left to our thoughts and richer than our doubts, this year of lockdown has allowed us despite everything to focus on what matters most to each of us, on what is essential. This very fashionable word in its negation to our greatest despair is at the center of our questions, of our emotions and above all applies purely to our sensations. Because, you will agree dear readers, that we cannot define for all what is essential to each one, to identify the essential is above all to feel it fully. Others, during this year, allowed themselves to choose for us what was essential and what was not, flouting the emotions of each and leading to a common depression felt by all.

If I refused the quotation of some philosophers at the beginning of these lines, I allow myself to steal the words of a poet from my region, from the south of France whom I admire enormously, René Char.

"The essential is ceaselessly threatened by the insignificant"

Our generation, led by the abundant notifications, the alcoholic thirst for fame, the insignificant and sad influence of the likes counter, takes a hard hit on what we all know is essential.

Friendship, travel, meeting, the sometimes cruel but always attractive sincerity of love or the feeling of touching a loved one during shameless emotions shared during raves without any return.

What is essential is put to the test in the face of the insignificance of social networks, forced isolation and endlessly refused, endlessly postponed gatherings. The sad insignificance of the decisions that now influence our lives every day are slowly replacing what is essential and what really matters to the mind.

The essential is the very essence, to which, free again, the senses lead and in this chaos that is the day after, we must not allow the threat of the insignificant to alter our sensations. and suppress our emotions.

That's why you need to come to the first HEX Parisian party, to reach out the essence, to feel the energy that the artists will bring to the crowd.

It's all there, it's the only question. Find the answer Saturday night. You have 13 hours so take your time

Catch your tickets here :

Lorenzo Raganzini x Paolo Ferrara (HEX) for Radio Loubard

Hi Lorenzo & Paolo, a true pleasure to e-host on Radio Loubard, I don’t know why but more and more Italians are on Radio Loubard these days… That can only be positive! How you’re doing ? How was Athens and Kiev ?

Hey mate, we are happy to bring our Italian vibe here :) We just came back from a week between Athens and Kyiv where we had in both an HEX event and it was epic.

In Athens we were the first international techno guests in the city after the pandemic thing that we appreciate a lot especially because we have a great connection with the city it self and our event there are always sold out.

On the other side in Kyiv we had our Ukrainian debut on the halloween night, and it was dope!! We love the vibe of the ravers there, the atmosphere of the event was very cool, queer, raw, free and nasty but very natural and with style. The warehouse where we did the event was huge and like an arena with people dancing all around us in different levels, things that we like a lot! And we had our favorite sound system by Funktion-one so our b2b set of 3h was such a pleasure and we already looking forward to come back in this Kyiv.

So it’s the first HEX showcase here in Paris ! Where have you been all this time ? Excited to come ?

Ahah yes finally!! Actually we were thinking to run an event in Paris from sometime already but the pandemic stopped us, and now here we go is the time for it! :)

We are very excited to come in this city because we are very connected with the scene there and we thing is one of the most interesting rave scene nowaday so we really looking forward to throw some music bombs there on Saturday.

You guys are famous here in Paris with this awesome track and clip that you’ve made with Lavatronic “Raving in Paris” (kiss to my brother Lacchesi ;) ! Can you tell us the story and the artistic purpose behind it ?

Thank you and yes we that videoclip became a cult one in the rave scene!

In 2018 we came in Paris for the birthday of our friend Will ‘’Lavatronic’’ and we got fascinated about the Parisian scene, so after some weeks we were in the studio creating Omalha Kchos that was our first ep released on HEX Recordings, and while we were producing Raving in Paris we had the feeling that the track was telling the story about Parisian rave so we thought in this title to dedicate it to the Parisian rave culture.

From here, me Paolo Ferrara had the idea about the videoclip for the track. That’s a story of a cool free raver surrounded by cool friends, love, music without any sexual , gender, racial inhibitions that is a sort of contemporary rave hero passing from one city to another, in this case Paris and Barcelona creating a connection between the two strong scenes. So I call Will and I asked him if he was up to be the character of the videoclip and then day after he was already creating the team for it that was composed by super cool and interesting people from Myst, and shooting the video part in Possession part in HEX at Razzmatazz.

Could you please introduce yourself ?

Anarchic metal badasses, fighting for union of people through music regarding less any social barrier and shitty rules.

How can you describe your producing style and also the way you like to perform when you’re on stage ?

Anarchic , fresh, spontaneous, energic, passionate, real.

You were a lot influenced by metal, a style that could have some common values with the techno movement. What metal brought to your lifes and to your artistic sensibilities ? How do you put this energy and spirit when you're playing ?

Yes we like rock and metal and we think it makes a great fusion with techno. Metal is pure energy, rawness, distorsion, power that’ something that represents our personalities and styles, we love this spirit of rule breaker, we are the Fire!

When I discovered the remix of Tainted Love by Marilyn Manson that you’ve made, I fell in love with the tone of it and the way you’ve using it ! This track is the first one of a new compilation that we are still waiting for the tracklist ! Can we have some update on it ? Why did you choose to make it ?

We were thinking about creating some metal edit to introduce strongly this style to our followers and into our set , so during our covid quarantine we were selecting four original strong track that we really love and we made our edit. Tainted love is one of the most sexy and nasty track, we love it, we love the voice of Marilyn and the guitars and we think it completely express our style and gain to scream loud! :) More edits are coming soon..

You are both the founders of HEX, a techno movement based in Barcelona. What is the genesis of this movement ?

The movement was born in Barcelona in 2014 as a private event, then it slowly became bigger and started to inglobe many artistic branches as the photography, videography and clothes. Today HEX is an international techno movement with followers from all around the globe with the aim of the union of people from different ‘worlds’ under the same roof through techno music.

More than just the musical movement that brings HEX people together, you’ve decided to encompass other forms of artistics expressions such as VJing, clothing, photography etc.. Why was it important for you to add it to the project ?

We like art in all of his form and so we are very passionate about the other branches too, and we think they are important in order to offer a 360 experience to our followers.

What are the true values of HEX ?

Love, Innovation, Quality, Freedom, Techno.

You’ve decided to put this quote of Nietzsche at the end of the HEX Manifesto : “And once you are awake, you shall remain awake eternally. What does that mean to you ?

Music can elevate ourself to a higher state of mind where we finally find the awakening. The body, the mind, the spirit , the emotions.

What is your best memory with HEX ?

The present.

If you have a message for the Parisians that will come to see you alongside a frantic line-up this week-end, what would it be ?

Come and get nasty, we want to see your bodies sweating naked.

Thanks to answering my questions, we are so happy to host you here, be sure that you will be welcome as prince here… ! See you !

Such a pleasure and really excited for that! :)

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