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#Marum : The Message (Lisbon / Berlin) MYST XI Pink Velvet


Sometimes life is hard, rough and unfair, and you see yourself slowly starting to lose the faith. The faith in what you thought you were truly loving, faith in the people, faith in yourself. For me faith is the close and intimate sister of passion and when you loosing it you're also loosing what makes humanity insane.

A faith that does not doubt is a dead faith, so when I'm "faithing" back, fighting back I'm always seeing what life bring to us as possibility to learn, to grow and to evolve. Sometimes life is unfair, but sometimes life bring you connection, exchange, art, culture and above all brilliant and lovely people.

Today, dears brothers and sisters, life is fair because life brought to us Pedro, a DJ, activist, performers, curators and a true symbols of what our generation needs! From a different perspective making what she loves with commitment, faith and passion. When I've discovered what you will also discover in the following lines, I found the faith back because I saw in his eyes the conviction and devotion to arts and passion that was missing to me back then.

We've been separated, lockdown was more used than freedom, and we can find again this sacred word into the connection between different people and culture. Her devotion throughout her work in her projects and with Manta or mina is a proof that hope still exist as long as people like Pedro are acting on the best way for his people.

The highest gift that you can do is to know someone that will resonates with something you created and it's truly what he created. By empowered her community by gathering it, they didn't just create a platform, but they create connexion that was not possible before.

You can win Grammys or win a Nobel Prize for Literature, the core and the roots of arts come from this little emotion that a connexion create. That's why you need to create, to stay creative, and to not be scared of showing what you're doing.

Make it pure, make it real, make it yours, shine on you crazy readers because you deserve it, humanity deserve it. What you're doing will resonate for someone, from Berlin to Lisbon, for a teenager in France or just around the corner of your street, what's the difference ?

Trust in yourself, art is everywhere if you decide to see it, in your job, in friendship and of course in love. Don't forget that, you can resonate for someone, you can give back the faith to someone somewhere through arts.

Brothers and sisters, dear readers, you can imagine how glad I am to introduce you to marum and his multiple activities. I hope you will love him as much as I am.

Who is marum ?

Unique by his hybridity and artistic versatility, marum is an artist, dj, writer, curator and militant. Coming from the colorful streets of Lisbon, he left a real impact on the scene through his activism within the parties and the hedonist and queer label mina, with his active participation in the Lecken sex parties or within the communal radio Quântica .

His sets assert themselves as a cult scene that does not hesitate to break the codes, floating between hypnotic and acid techno, aerial drone and deep Industrial rhythms with EBM variations. Drawing inspiration from Original movies soundtracks, music concrete or minimalist composers, the journey is always expanding. The journey always suspends, oscillates and shines on meditative soundscapes moving through surprises with rapid rave transitions which the public always sustains.

The dance floor is his kingdom which invites us to a contagious mental catharsis carried by an implacable trinity: Anxiety, Peace, Ecstasy.

Marum for Radio Loubard

Could you please introduce yourself ?

Hi everyone and thanks for the invitation on Radio Loubard ! My name is Pedro Marum, I’m from Lisboa, and I’m an artist, DJ and curator - I’ve also been doing some activism. I’m also doing other things besides but I guess that these activities are a great base to explore and go through other projects.

My artistic projects usually are an hybrid involving sound, performance and installation, exploring particular ideas around queer feminist rave culture, care politics, experimenting with different forms of listening through sound and researches on particular fields depending on what I’m exploring, such as queer care, history of the rave, dancing and mourning. These are some of the ideas I’m exploring at the moment with other artists, collectives and friends.

I have been living in Berlin since 2017 but I’m still working a lot with all the projects that I am still involved in Lisboa, such as mina, Rabbit Hole or the recently opened queer community space - Manta.

Can you tell us a bit about the relationship between Lisbon, these projects and the queer artistic scene?

Lisboa through the years has changed a lot! There were not many public spaces for queer people to meet, exchange ideas or just to collaborate and work together. In 2011 Rabbit Hole was born with the intention to fill such gap in the city gap and later in 2016, the mina parties alsou sought to gather queer ravers and to explore new sonorites. At mina one can end up listening a range of ambient to techno, trance, afrobeats, drum'n'bass, mina is also a place where everyone can be experiment with different tonalities and possibilities of rave music genres, dance and temporarily suspend or share their worries with friends and strangers. Our events set a new precedent of parties - diverse line ups with new sonorities, non-gendered toilets, dark rooms, operating under queer feminist principles it attracted an exciting and excited crowd which made the parties become a staple for our community and gained visibility across the country and internationally.

A good thing for many artists in Lisbon is that we had a lot of attention over the past couple of years which allowed some people to be acknowledged for their amazing work. I moved when I was 17 and the city was completely different. The queer scene has pluralized a lot and there’s many exciting projects and collectives, many new artists.

mina team ready to rock at Berlin Atonal

During the pandemic we didn’t manage to have events but mina, Rádio Quântica and Rabbit Hole united efforts to start a queer community space - Manta - where we could listen and play music, organize program, watch films, just hang out, we have a kitchen even so we run a little bar on the side, and in the future we are planning to welcome some artists in residency, have a music studio and create a rental mechanism for material of sound and image that would be accessible for many queer and BIPOC people who often don’t have the resources to buy or rent such materials. If you’re ever in Lisbon you should check it out!

Our instagram is @mantalisboa

You were described in your presskit as a community utopian-researcher ! What does that mean for you ?

Haha, yes exactly! Despite trying to be politically pragmatic, my artistic work tends to be fuelled by a desire to achieve some fully automated queer feminist utopia. And that’s in part what fuels me. For example, being part of a party collective, I don’t think we see each other as promotes. We are rather a group of artists with shared dream of exploring sound and create spaces for people in our communities and disenfranchised queer and BIPOC folks to get together, dance, experiment and thrive.

That’s our main values and from Manta or Mina, we do it in the pursuit of some sort of utopia. I guess it also highlights the precarity of our work - unattainable, constantly changing and facing obstacles, and often unpaid - while staying optimistic about it. We keep pushing, guided by our values, not by money or success and this is why it could be seen as utopia. For us at least! haha

How can you describe your musical style ?

Definitely, there have been a before and an after pandemic. I was playing more fast techno, trancey stuff with sometimes an ambient section in my sets. During lockdown, I had the opportunity to listen to different things because I had more time to do it without the pressure from the gigs, and I got to focus on a lot of other artistic and social projects which pushed me to experiment even more.

I’ve been through slower things, concrete music and more ambient and downtempo, drum&bass, dub, progressive trance! I’ve also gotten back to producing but doing non dance music, with spoken word, drone and field recordings. Now I would say that I’ve been playing a lot of trancey vibes with more weirdo techno and drums, mixing different genres into one trip. It’s always hard to pin down into a genre or vibe! haha If I have to tell you my signature, I will go with something between ravey, dreamy and trippy!

I was actually talking with my dad about the fact that our generation doesn't need anymore specialists! We are more diverse and plural than we think so and it’s allowed us to escape routine. Stand by our values and principles but open to new exciting projects or ideas !

Yes, being an expert doesn’t work for me. I wouldn’t know how to do it. I’m constantly fiddling with different practices and discourses. There’s definitely a thread that connects all my practices and ideas but it also makes it hard to often concretise what I do. I play music, produce sometimes (not really danceable music), do performance and installations, write, been working on queer feminist, care politics and housing rights - and the music I play definitely channels a lot of these practices. It’s a big mixture, I’m not an expert, I'm experimenting.

What are you currently excited to be working on?

Currently I am super excited with some incoming projects such as Infinity Rug, in which I’ve been collaborating with Lou Drago, a sound performance-installation exploring new ways of being-together. It was developed during the period of the lockdown using sound together with various sensorial practices (smell, moving image, somatics) and it’s particularly focused on bridging queer, trans and BIPOC communities with discourses regarding care, mourning, architecture and temporality of rave culture. It’s a durational performance - it can go for many hours - and people lay down in carpets or rugs, take off their shoes and slowly we try to shape the space to bring the domestic space into the public and to weave them with other rugs.

The rugs, provided or brought by the participants, delimitate a space that suggests the comfort and intimacy of home, a place for resting, loving, grieving, playing, meditating, sleeping. Then the artists create a soundscape of field recordings, ambient, experient and deep-mind music, interspersed with fragments of texts, poetry or films, scents, textiles and textures. I hope that Infinity Rug gets to happen here in Paris one day!

If you have a message for the Myst audience that will come to see you on saturday, which one would it be ? We are excited to see you!!

I haven’t been to Paris for a long time so I’m excited to come! The first time I played in Paris was exactly 3 years ago for a Paris Fashion week party - a wildly different crowd but sweet memories from that night haha! I’m so happy to meet a bunch of queer ravers in Paris and looking forward to listen to the rest of the line up. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

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