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#Metaraph : The Message (Italy/Berlin)

Listening to Metaraph's tracks is an adventure, an Odyssey of feeling variation, an Iliad of multiple substance, a long hesitation between sounds and emotions, once a communion, once a distortion.

This enthusiastic paradox sounds like some poems of Baudelaire, constantly playing with this communion/distortion dilemma always interacting with images and feeling. Dark on in its deep, aetherial on the surface, I think the track name of "Meditative Fury" could be the most relevant proof of my metaphoric allusion.

But anyway, allusion it's nice but interpretation is probably better. I know, dear readers, No one asked to hear my interpretation but that's the only abusive and unjustified right that my job can have. You have guest-list because you working at the bar, I have free expression because I've created my media, that's all. (Just in case, If you have a +1 just hit me up bro ;)

So here is my interpretation of the great Metaraph work as an introduction and because I'm not a bad boy, you are free to also make your own interpretation after !

We had this interesting talk with Raph about the difference with hopefulness and happiness, two brothers finally quite far away from each other. I don't think that you can really feel happiness in the Raph's tracks but you can definetly find hope in there. Once a communion, once a distortion, but forever strong and pure, the feeling of hope is obviously more translated and offered on they tracks.

I think that we learn more by hoping because hoping is as the roots of desire. That's what stimulated our souls to work, to travel, to try and to push forwards our dreams and even our desire of happiness.

If you're taking Adam and Eve, the first humans in the Bible, on their Eden Garden with all with all their wishes fulfilled, all their needs on their possession, they ended by biting the apple and committing the "Original Sin".

Since the beginning we didn't fit with pure happiness and we can't blame Adam and Eve, where is hope into paradise ? While biting the apple, they hopefully sentenced us to a perpetual research of hope and desire. What's wrong with this ? I prefer to search and reach than to have.

The mankind is not good with happiness but he is a master of hope. We are actually more trained to it, pushed by our absurd trust for happiness and reason at least we're moving and finally finding ourselves in this irrational sense of expectation, wishes and desire.

That's why Raph said that "hope is a progressive state" and they are right, with hope you progress, with full happiness you will easily get bored. And now thanks to Adam and Eve, you know that you will not resist to bite an malefic apple or bite whatever you want to bite on a Sunday morning at Berghain...

On the "Cycles of the Aburd" of Albert Camus or on "The myth of Pandora's box" you will find the same conclusion : Hope is what makes us human. Hope is what make us live and that's probably what will make us die. On a battlefield the one who hope is the last to die.

Sooooo what's more relevant for Metaraph to put hopefulness on the core of their tracks ?

Because it's a music made by a sensitive human soul, it's quite logic that hope is hiding on their Ableton files ! Take John Lennon, John Coltrane, Jim Morrison and Metaraph and you will hope in common on all their creative production. That's will maybe the strongest challenge for an I.A to copy and make while producing music. For now, ain't no I.A that has commit any sins....

Thanks you naked folks Adam and Eve for your first sin! I can assure you that we are still making this job as your faithful descendant !

Trust in yourself, put hope and passion in everything you do, stay creative and stay true to yourself.

Metaraph for Radio Loubard

Hi Metaraph, such a pleasure to e-host you on Radio Loubard, I’m sad that our dears daily readers can’t hear your beautiful voice but that’s the counterpart of our humble literature…

How are you doing ?

I'm feeling happy seeing finally the sun out here in Berlin, the Spring is here!

Could you please introduce yourself ?

My name is Raffaello also know as Metaraph, half Italian, a quarter Chinese and a quarter Maori. I m a multidisciplinary artist, dj, music producer, jewelry designer, dancer and perfomance artist.

I do identify as non binary and my preferred pronouns are they/ them.

You were recently in Paris for the last Flash Cocotte ! What did you think about the Parisian crowd ?

Flash Cocotte was pure fire, lots of emotions from the energetic Parisian crowd. Felt awesome to be dancing and sharing such a powerful and emotional journey with everyone.

I’ve really loved your story, from your childhood in Italy to now passing by working on a hotel in England to your coming to the underground scene in London and so many other adventures and projects… Could you tell us a bit about this long journey ?

My journey started first back home in Italy where I did started to re-create garments and accessory due to the lack of resources, especially considering the small village where I come from. At nineteen, I' ve moved to the South of England, where I was working as housekeeper for a hotel.

After six months, I' ve managed to move to London where the main journey started. After two years of focusing in settling in, learn a new language and become adult, I ve finally started to express my creativity again through fashion and performance art, starting to explore the underground scene of London and creating performance art acts for queer techno events. Five year ago, I've also launched my jewellery brand INAUREM, which now got its worldwide recognition through all the hard work invested in the first two years of birth. Once the brand became bigger, I could allow myself to focus more on music and perfomance art based project.

Two years ago, I ve started to learn music production and decided to start pushing with my DJ career.


Did you always have this creative need calling for you since the beginning ? Isn't it tough sometimes to keep the faith when you have to pay the rent at the end of the month ?

When I've understood that the reasons why I m here in this life is to Create, I've committed to it. Creating is the reasons why I wake up every morning.

It was surely tough to accept the hard reality we all live in of doing work that pays our bills even if we do not enjoy that job. But this is also the reason that keeps me motivated to work hard everyday as freelancer so i do not have to become employed again for anyone anymore in my life There s too many things that has to be created instead of donating my time to work of others, I think that's why it s important also to be very disciplined and focused on the priorities.

How did you enter into the London nightlife scene ?

When I've started working for the boutique store of Ilaria Lepore (Italian designer London based) I've started to be in touch with more creative networks that brought me to discover my first underground party that changed my whole life: Kaos London.

That s when I've started to discover industrial sounds, EBM, noise music, goth subcultures and likeminded creative of the London scene that brought me to discover more and more parties and queer communities.

You’ve curated in London experimental raves with a multi sensorial approach adding installations and performances to it. Why does it was important to mix various disciplines through your events ?

For me as multidisciplinary artist, it s so relevant the fusion of more mediums to create a stronger experience , because in this way you create a multi-sensorial experience within the raver/spectator way stronger and remarkable than just an event that focus only on music.

It Is through the combination of the stimulations of the senses that the experience become very powerful and stimulant.

Do you think that techno events may sometimes reach other artistic fields to have this hybrid kind of parties?

There are surely other techno parties that do involve performances acts and installations throughout their night but I do feel that not all of them are actually curated under the same conceptual spectrum, which is the actual point, to translate a message , a concept , a vision to the raver /spectator.

Most of the people knew you with this awesome Hor session that you did with Durch. What did this change for your career ?

The Livestream done last April for Durch at Hor really played a big role in spreading my set, performance and aesthetic across Europe and the States (almost 500k views) indeed right after that lots of booking worldwide started to come from.

In addition to your great musical selection, eclectic and intense, I remember being marked by your authentic and sincere communicative presence. Ok It was in a bathroom but I guess that’s even more impressive on stage ! What is the role of the presence on stage for a DJ ?

The energy and presence of a dj for me plays a big role in the performance of the set. Being a DJ does not only mean searching for good tracks, beat match them well and do a smooth mix, it goes way beyond that, it s also about transmitting the energy into the crowd, connecting with them, embracing the energy they give and give them back way more energy and love. I really see djing as a sort of witchcraft where the dj/witch controls and facilitate the journey that the raver decide to follow you in it.

Corona has changed so many things, for the producers of course but also for the audience in terms of musical tastes and artistic proposition. Do you think that we are now in a shift in terms of sounds ?

Corona has brought a lot of ends to many things, but I do feel that also allowed new spaces to new projects to born and rise. I do feel that a shift in term of sound it s totally happening already. You can notice the rise of many new collective and parties producers and djs that are focused mostly on new faster and harder sonic experiences, differ from the usual techno sonic experience of twenty years ago.

Music is meant to keep evolving and shapeshifting constantly.

Talking about sounds, your music is really defined by contrast with these ethereal ambient sounds to aggressive kick drums. What is the purpose of this contrast ? How can you relate it to experiences that life brings ?

Contrasts for me create always a higher layered dimension where two opponents mixed together create a wider and complete wholeness.

You told me that you were creating music as a therapy to yourself that hopefully everyone can share as an inner journey ! Does producing music help you to find a solution ? Or is it a simple narration ? Maybe a retranscription of your feelings ?

Indeed, music I think it s a very strong therapeutic tool for our soul, mind and body. I feel that my tracks are mostly channeled by certain feelings that I do experience, so they do actually re-transcript my feeling without giving a final solution, but more a sense of full acceptance of what I m experiencing , and then is the Acceptance itself that brings to the Solvation.

I was telling you that your music for me makes me think of this untranslatable brazilian words “Saudade”. “Saudade” expresses a complex feeling where melancholy, nostalgia and hope mingle.Saudade is a “tension between opposites” : on the one hand the feeling of a lack, on the other hand the hope and the desire to find what we lack. If your music works as a therapy for you it’s definitely have this effect on my feelings ! What do you think about this link between your music and this Brazilian word ?

Ohhh i think i should name a track with Saudade! It s a very specific and accurate word that do describe this specific feeling which i like to explore/feel. It s something blurry between the edges of melancholy and hopefulness, melancholic in the acceptance of it but also open to that hope that marks the difference between melancholia and sadness, for me.

What I really also love and it might be related to this “Saudade Effect” is that you always end with higher notes full of hope. What are you trying to reach while ending with this ?

Eheh you spotted it! For me intro, breaks and outros are super important steps in the structure of a track! Ending with higher notes and frequencies for me creates this sense of wondering to what will come after, letting space to the imagination and to feelings to create your own end or continuation also.

Do you think that happiness is a variation of hopefulness ? Which one do you prefer to feel ?

Happiness and hopefulness for me are very different.

Happiness is a reached state.

Hope full is a progressive state,.

I do like to feel hopefulness because it has more layers and nuances than only happiness.

If you have any advice for young creative souls to keep going in this society ?

3 keys:

Focus, constance, discipline.

How do you see yourself in 3 years ?

In three years, I do imagine to have launched already my own music label, I do see myself still in Berlin, I do see myself having a bad ass equipped studio where to channel and create music, perhaps also have started a an multidisciplinary event series around the label s identity and who knows what else life will bring.

What are now the next steps for you ?

Next upcoming and exciting steps will be five dates for the tour in South America going through Argentina, Chile and Costa rica for 3 weeks. I do love visiting South America after my last tour in Colombia that made me discover such a beautiful genuine energy of the land and the warm people that live there.



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