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Radio Loubard invite "Deux Rues" Post-Punk Podcast (Bruxelles)

#TrustDeuxRues (and his doggy)

The Podcast

The Tracklist

1.Александр Жихарев - Утро

2.Karma Moffett & Myriah Rose - Little Tara 3.Mechthild von Leusch - Rungholter Totentanz 4.Mosquitoes - Strobeluck 5.Roel A. Garcia & Frankie Chan - the killer's death 6.THE DEL-BYZANTEENS apartment 13 7.BRIAN BRAIN unexpected noises 8.THE COMSAT ANGELS - we were 9.Виолетов генерал - melanholia 10.SPIKE FCUK - Junkie Logic 11.Algebra Suicide - Father's By The Doors

12. The passions - small stones 13.Oroonies - A Scary Hole

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