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Regnosis w/ Lefki : The Message

Regnosis - an online exhibition run by Lefki Savvidou (CY) & Eleni Angastiniotou.

Regnosis is an initiative to reinforce cultural activity and encourage creativity in this period of isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Led by Lefki and Eleni, Regnosis is a pure symbol of what young people from all around the world are able to generate with communication and creativity. As a truly bridge between borders, this online exhibition is bringing hope, interaction, connexion, and happiness to young creative from different horizons and way of expressing themselves.

Eleni and Lefki are definitely part of this new wave of artists: smart, committed and positive and as Dostoïevski said “Beauty will save the world”. Eleni and Lefki are obviously honoring our dear russian writer with Regnosis.

How the fuck can’t you be proud to be part of this generation with them by your side ?

*banana* from the series "Hard to Swallow"@Lefki Savvidou 2020

“17 artists from 11 different nationalities have been invited to envision the post-corona era, taking into consideration the socio-political and individual rearrangement and redeployment which will take place in a pandemic-free world. What is the new knowledge (gnosis - γνῶσις, gnōsis, f. in the Greek language) gained after a possible introspection during this isolation ? Reflecting how the new world will be operating and the adaptation that it might entail, regnōsis* should be understood as a process of re-establishing and regaining knowledge in a scenario of a new order.”

*The title regnōsis was inspired by an article written by German future researcher and visionary Matthias Horx, “Die Welt nach Corona”/ “The Post Corona World”

Lefki from Cyprus will be with us tonight from 6pm to 8pm with special intervention of Johanna Dumet / Eleni Angastiniotou / Moritz Berg

Wait… Who is Lefki ?

Lefki Savvidou aka Lé Boob, (b.1990, Cyprus) is a visual artist, writer and illustrator. She uses text as her main medium for her work, which focuses on human relationships and life perceptions in the 21st century and likes to challenge the modern day life. Since 2011 she has taken part in solo and group exhibitions in Cyprus, the UK and Greece and was one of Bucketfeets (US/JP) artists whose shoe design has been selling worldwide for the past 5 years. Her work has also appeared in numerous magazines and independent zines and publications. Oh and yeah, if you’re passing by Cyprus, you can probably share a mezze with Lefki and come back to your country with a new tattoo from her !

Quarantine self portrait ©Lefki Savvidou 2020

List of Artists who had participate

Andrea Sonnenberg (US)

Androula Kafa (CY)

Baptiste Burlot (FR)

Bas Schippers (NL)

Evie Demetriou (CY)

Fumiaki Asai (JP)

Gerald Zahn (AT)

Johanna Dumet (FR)

Johanna Walderdorff (DE)

Lefki Savvidou (CY)

Łukasz Wierzbowski (PL)

Maria Antoniadou (CY)

Mat Lloyd (GB)

Moritz Berg (DE)

Nalyssa Green (GR)

Nika Kupyrova (UA)

Sergio Pradana (ES)



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