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#RyanJamesFord : The Message (Canada/Berlin) MamaTold Ya 005

To leave the coherence it is surely what distinguishes most a creative process and marks most the memories of an artist. To betray the line, to flee the layout, to refuse the alleged perfection of the order and finally to turn away from the logic would it be the key of the originality, of the surprise?

To turn away is for me the deviance or the taking of the tangent, so precious to creative innovation and collective imagination. Deviants are most often artists, who willingly leave the verticality of lines and forms to civil engineers. Let's take for example Picasso, Juan Gris or Braque having brilliantly decided to make of their art cubism, taking with courage the decision to finally move the lines. To move the lines, it is also to turn away from the traced way, it is to take the opposite way by being inspired by the current road to shape his own. The soul of the artist must be deviant, it turns away with elegance and confidence from the lines, the choices or the morals.

Is it necessary in this case to deconstruct or destroy everything? To advance in the meanders of the chance? To give way to the pure instinct? No, of course, a nuance is necessary. Considering coherence as a two-faced friend, Ryan prefers to create bridges. Modern methodology of a form of neo-coherence more adapted to an exchange, between artist and public, between foreigners and natives, between your next Tinder dates or whatever!

So we should not may be surprised that every releases of Mama Told Ya is logically following the pattern of a creative process, renewing with elegance their musical proposition by extending is to new path and above all to create new bridge.

Stay creative, be your own bridge to who you are from what you never expected to be. The rest will come.

"Rules are meant to be unbroken", the rules you apply to yourself are too !

Ryan James Ford for Radio Loubard

Hi Ryan, such a pleasure to e-host you on Radio Loubard ! Because I think that in the times we are all living, our priority must be to take care of each other, my first question will be simple : How are you doing ?

Life is beautiful and enjoying everyday. Hoping that this invasion of Ukraine ends immediately.

Simple journalistic formality but nevertheless useful for our very dear reader of the day, could you please introduce yourself ?

Ryan James Ford from Canada :) The big beautiful boi!

So, we are here to talk about your last release on Mama Told Ya, “Rules are meant to be unbroken” a 5 track EP which also includes a collaboration with the “Mama” Anetha. What is the story behind this release ?

Anetha is so great and I love her energy so we tried to harness our power and create something that shows each other's creativity and energy.

The composition of this E.P was inspired by a dream that you’ve made during the lockdown of a futuristic club…. How would you design this club if we have to base it on this release ? How will people would be dress or look on it ? What would be the atmosphere inside it ?

The experience would be subjective to each clubber's dream or reality. Choose your own adventure. It's living out of your body at a time when no parties are happening, like a dream.

Does bouncers will offer “Crepes Suzette” at the entrance ?

Haha, no way too messy. Maybe just Ketamax ;)

What is your Crepes Suzette recipe ? In terms of musical production and also in terms of cooking tips.

It's the track we made together of the same name, it has a swing, an energy and a classicism that is eternal. Also had to add that fresh orange sauce.

Compared to your preview releases, what did you try to add or to reach through this E.P?

The energy and youthfulness of the club. I am always listening and exploring what is going on in life and music and I think that this comes through in an artistic continuum. We are all working together even if we don’t know it.

I have to open my heart to you Ryan, but I have to admit that I’m kind of addicted to “Intro to life drawing”. Stay focused because I will try to express my feelings when I hear this track. It makes me think of this untranslatable brazilian words “Saudade”. “Saudade” expresses a complex feeling where melancholy, nostalgia and hope mingle. Saudade is a “tension between opposites” : on the one hand the feeling of a lack, on the other hand the hope and the desire to find what we lack. Maybe I’m totally out of tune but does the title of this track suggest that in some ways ?

You when listening get to decide what feelings and emotions come up. I wouldn’t want it any other way. We are all connected but have our own special experiences and if you (or a listener) can have a special connection to the moment. That is the key.

The last track of “Rules are meant to be unbroken” named “Off White” is a posthumous ode to Virgil Abloh. Why does it was important to you to put this reference on this release ?

He is a very interesting and inspiring person and this track was actually picked before he sadly passed away. Virgil really seemed to have his own vision but clearly understood past and current influences. This speaks deeply with me and he is an amazing role model for all creatives. Do want you want, be who you are.

What is it to break the rules while producing an electronic E.P ?

Trying something fresh, a new process, maybe new synth or new direction. I love the feeling of making a track in a completely new way and (to me) it feels like I never even made it or someone else sent it to me and I love that feeling. It is so easy to be trapped in your own conscience and I always am trying to escape from that. It doesn’t always work, but it is important to me.

If you have to break one rule (or more) which one will you break in priority?

Fuck tha Police LOL

What are now the next steps for you ?

I really want to dj more and in fall introduce a live/hybrid club set. For releases, I have a remix ep from my album coming on Clone records, I have a dark heavy warehouse ep coming on Haven in the summer, and then in fall I have another Clone EP that is really fresh and open. Also some other bits but that’s enough for now.

As a wink to your instagram bio my final question is the following one : How to keep the fire burning ?

Passion Passion Passion. It never dies, keep the fire burning!!!!

Listen the Full EP here

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