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#Schacke : The Message (Copenhagen)

Dernière mise à jour : 23 févr. 2022

When we had this call with Schacke to make the following interview that you will soon discover through these lines he seems, compare to me, a pretty calm and sweet person. In his brand new flat with this really Scandinavian decoration I was kind of ashamed to show the chaos behind my camera. You can learn a lot from someone by watching his/her flat and Schacke told me that he was happy, after long years of struggles and moves to finally have his own place that are now bring to him the stability that it was looking for.

I'm always struggling with the word "stability" because it's a word than I can one day deeply desire and an other one totally reject as the murderer of my alleged freedom. So when I'm struggling with a word my first instinct is to open my dictionary. Here is the definition that my good old friend's is gently giving it to me :

"State of a construction capable of remaining in permanent equilibrium."

Ok, first of all it's a "state" so a way to being that result of a construction, a progression and an evolution, something that you reach at some point and can be declared as such. That's more the second part of the definition who intrigues me. Being capable of remaining in permanent equilibrium look more like something an atom can reach, not a human living in a society.

On this way, stability look pretty boring (sorry Schacke) but imagine a DJ set that remains stable or a romance without any evolutions, adventures or new situation. You can also a imagine a relationship with the loved one that will strictly follow a dedicated patch, smooth and flat. Which poet will be inspired by this story ?

But let's remain relative, because stability is also relative. Stability define an equilibrium so a constant exchange between 2 weights. If you take your heart beating measure on an electrocardiogram, you will see him beating from top to bottom and if we have to follow our heart, life is pretty much working like this.

Sometimes everything is doing great, you're at the top of your life and from nowhere you're feeling down, at the bottom of the beats of your heart, at a low happiness frequency. The point of it is that you can find inspiration in both states and finding your own stability on this way : Constantly shared between the beats of your heart.

What's wrong with it ? Acceptation is maybe the first step to find your state of equilibrium and Schacke during his set is here to make us remember this. Life is like a DJ set, going through different emotions, different speed and different feelings that's create this relative stability that I was scared of at the beginning of this introduction.

Find your tempo and you heart will follow.

Schacke for Radio Loubard

Hi Schacke, such a pleasure to e-host you as the first Danish on Radio Loubard ! How are you doing ? You told me that a lot of things have changed recently ?

Doing pretty good, yeah, lots of new things happening here, mostly good so i am just trying to go with the flow and stay in focus. Could you please introduce yourself ? Hi, i'm Schacke, based in Copenhagen, Producer, DJ, Artist, Raver, facilitator of moods, bringer of vibes.

Of course we know you for your DJ and producer activities but you’ve freshly been in Paris for the fashion week ! What did you do there ? I worked on the Rains FW2022 Runway show, i made the soundtrack for the show and they asked me to come down and help make sure things ran smoothly with the timing and execution of the show. I've been doing a couple of runway soundtracks, recently another one for Dion Lee, it's a new aspect of my work that I really enjoy.

Working during the fashion week might be interesting for you because the people and the energy are different than in a techno club. How was the experience ? Not so stressful ? Definitely a new kind of experience, it was very pleasant actually, everyone was very professional and easy to work with. The energy is chaotic for sure, the standard workflow in fashion seems to be very fluid and last minute, so that's definitely one thing I learned to be prepared for. I think playing in clubs can often be more stressful. You’ve also worked for a film that will be released soon ! They are clearly new doors and new worlds that are opening to you. How do these new ways of using your music impact the way you’re created it ? Yeah, not sure how much i can say about the film, but i think it's supposed to be out soon. Getting more of these kinds of jobs has honestly been one of the best things to happen to me in my work recently and something I was always hoping to do more of. It has also been a good exercise creatively. Creating music that has to be an extension of someone else's vision forces me to think outside my own world and it always results in some music that wouldn't have sounded the same if I had made it for myself. Besides that it is also nice to not be so reliant on playing gigs to pay my bills, this work is giving me more time to make new music and that is what it's all about really.

I’m dreaming about having my own flat and base but I’m always changing my place. I thought it was kind of cool to find inspiration and energy by constantly moving but I’ve realized that it was just creating a constant chaos. What does this relative stability is now bringing to you ? It's been giving me a lot of relief moving to a new place and having a proper dedicated home studio is really a dream come true. I feel like it's a very healthy and inspiring change for me and something I've needed a lot after the last couple of years of struggles. As the world moves, the global artistic offers follow along the path and of course lockdown has changed the way of producing music but also to share it. What did the fact that you were not performing have changed in your musical proposition ? I feel like I've been forced to trust myself in what kind of music feels right to put out at the moment, not just the tracks that work on the floor. I think one of the biggest realizations during the pandemic has been to expand the styles of music I release under the Schacke moniker, i've always made a lot of different kinds of music and it felt wrong to be restricted to releasing club music in a time where all clubs are closed.

Does your own personal experiences reflect on the way you’re producing ? Yeah totally, it's everything actually. You spent the major part of your life in Copenhagen. How is it to grow there from an artistic view ? It's been an interesting journey, I came here 10 years ago with no network and only a little experience producing and performing. I feel less attached to the Copenhagen scene now to be honest, I think the next step is somewhere else in the world You were also at the beginning and still on the Fast Forward collective based in Copenhagen ! What are the values of the crew ? What does it represent to you ? It means a lot to me, if Fast Forward were never formed, i think things would have turned out very different. To me it represents the first steps of turning Cph club culture into what it is today. Parties based on respect, community, safer space policy and a general care for the wellbeing of everyone involved. These values were nowhere to be found anywhere in the techno scene here before that and it has now become the standard for many places.

What were the initial purposes of it ? To bring together new talents from the scene and to create a party atmosphere that was safe and welcoming to the queer community and other minorities.

During our exchange you were talking a lot about the concept of putting “sense” in your music with so many reflections about your role in all of it especially during lockdown. What has changed for you since then ? I feel more confident in tackling a wide range of emotions through my music. I've been through a lot of different phases musically and I feel like now I realize that it will all be a part of me forever and there's a time and a place to show it all.

Because you had your style and you were touring quite a lot, people were expecting something “Schacke” from you. How do you find the confidence to get out of it ? Yeah, that became a bit of a curse while touring before the pandemic. The expectations of the audience would often clash with what I wanted to do so I ended up playing it safe most of the time to please the audience. Now I only play Kisloty People when I really feel like it and I know some people get disappointed if they don't hear it. I just need to do something new for myself in order to keep enjoying it. Sometimes people can't get into it if i'm doing something too different but sometimes people go off and it becomes something super special and memorable. Some of the best nights out for me has been when the Dj gave me what i didn't know i needed instead of what I thought I wanted. If I can give that experience to my audience, I will be happy.

You’re now working on your next album ! What will it look like? You teased me with some attractive genre names haha ! I actually don't want to say too much about it, the sound will be raw and dirty, but also sensual and psychological. The title is Apocalyptic Decadence and I think that's very descriptive to the sound and theme. It will be out on Instruments Of Discipline later this year.

Will we see you one day collaborate with musicians or an acoustic album ? I am very interested in collaborating but it's not always easy for me. I would love to produce instrumentals for people who are good singers, that's definitely a dream. An acoustic album would be amazing since I play a lot of instruments too, but that's not a project for the near future. Thanks for your time, Schacke ! What are now the next steps for you ? Work, travel, living, giving, growing and loving. Thanks for letting me speak my mind. <3''

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