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#Tairi : The Message (Saint-Petersburg)

Hi! Could you present yourself?

Hello! I am Tahiry from Saint City.

What is it about street that you like so much?

When you leave your home, you have more opportunity to be free

When did you start to tattoo?

I've been tattooing for 10 years, I'm in shock myself and it's never been particularly serious. I started doing something in my own way 5 years ago. And I'm still evolving, I won't say that for the better, but I think it's not bad))

What about your tee-shirts? I love them ! Are you particularly interested in fashion?

Thank you for appreciating! I come up with drawings for T-shirts and make them myself. These are mostly illustrations + minimal design. I don't particularly pursue fashion. I think that if it's fashion - so get carried away to the end. But I follow some designers, also not those who are fashionable now. I'm probably somewhere between fashion and a single style.

How is it about it that you like especially?

You can at least make T-shirts all your life, interpreting them in completely different ways. And you can even do the same things all your life and they will be worn. It depends on how you present yourself. I like the contrast of rough contours, minimalism and even realism.

How do you feel about the whole situation with Ukraine?

I think that many people look at events superficially, without understanding politics. Of course, for ordinary people, such events cause maximum emotions, many things are also not fully understood in the information flow. I love Russia, but I think they overdid it. One of the best qualities of a person, as well as a state, is to be able to laugh at yourself, admit your mistakes. If everyone behaved like that, it would be much easier. The same can be said about Ukraine.

That's why I'm holding a black flag. I hate war and propaganda from all sides.

On your instagram, we see you drawing political graffiti on the wall: again, the street seems to represent a means of freedom and expression for you, is it also for the passers-by? I not consider it political graffiti, I expressed a simple human position, such as love peace and against shit (if you are specifically about that Instagram post where about Ukraine) in Moscow, where I live recently, graffiti on the streets almost does not represent any expression for passers-by, because it is immediately painted over (political 100%). But sometimes they may not understand the meaning I often draw for myself, rarely for the general public. But if you think about it, everything will be clear.

When did you start to revendicate your political opinions?

Honestly, I'll say so. I was not against the state, it did a lot for my parents. My grandmother is happy with it. I will not say that I have a bad life in Russia, but it may be because I am such a person with a positive outlook on life. But for his illegal activities (mainly graffiti) I was in prison for several days. Therefore, I should be against both the state and the police, and my views are what they were and have remained. I have met both very bad and more or less normal police officers. It depends on how high and in which part of the structure. But mostly, of course, they're freaks and they don't understand my life. I have not been held accountable for political statements. But I know they're on the hook right now.

Does it influences your work? My work is my creativity. I don't use political themes in it and I don't exploit the "world", but I just do my job further, which events cannot but influence. Surprisingly, things are only getting better, because in an uncomfortable situation you find adaptations and get new skills.

How is it like to be young in St Petersbourg? This is to be as happy as possible. The most open, cheerful, enthusiastic, sociable youth is in St. Petersburg!

Do you have a creative youth in St Petersbourg? Of course, that's what I'm talking about. In St. Petersburg, there are much more "creative" ones. Walk along St. Petersburg Nekrasova street in the summer and along Patriki district in Moscow (the most civilized area) and you will feel a huge difference. In the first case, they are neat and not very idlers (also creative), students with art tablets, at night, young people vividly communicating in corners and drunkards singing songs. In the second case, they are well-groomed, very decent, but for the most part at first glance closed and bored people.

How would you describe yourself to people in 5 words? Freedom, aspiration, violation, curiosity, darkness

What do you believe in? In myself first of all. Who is “the real enemy” then? While you are looking for reasons to shift the blame to external stimuli, perhaps your real enemy is you and your prejudices

Do you find the different art that you do complementary?

They both complement and exist separately from each other, but in general it is a single style. It's good when you develop thoroughly in one thing, but I'm so bored, so I'm constantly changing them. I don't understand how you can radically change your field of activity or style, maybe you haven't grown up yet. But I think you need to do what you already know how to do well. If it manifests itself in different forms, so much the better.

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