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#TrustThomasCostantin : Playlist + Tracklist (Milano)

Thomas is the kind of guy that makes you proud of your generation. Travelling with elegance through all kind of arts and production, he represent a contemporary way to consider what being youth in our era could mean. Because It mean exchange, it mean travel, it mean beauty, it mean creativity and above all it mean choosing what you want to do, to be and to love.

This past-year that we've all lived has allowed us to find our place in the chaos. More than ever, we now have the opportunity to rebuild something, to rebuild a nation and to participate to the world that we all dream of. This year has also break up a lot of our dreams but there is no point in just dreaming, now we need to act and work with all our passion for the reality that we want to live and share together.

We can't reduce ourselves to one gender, to one job or to one chosen future. Play it like Thomas, choose to be versatile and find the freedom that you've been looking for your creativity into your diversity.

Don't renonce, just choose.


Thomas is a Sound Director and artist based in Milano. He works since 2012 as dj, producer and composer .He plays as Resident Dj at the historical Plastic Club in Milano on saturdays and he creates original soundtracks for fashion shows and advertising campaigns , working also in New York , Paris and London.

Thanks to his unstoppable research and love for his work he reaches a wider public collaborating with several companies and institutions in the world of Art and Fashion such as Gucci, Valentino, Versace , Vogue and La Biennale in Venice.The first EP as THO.MAS was released on February 2018 and his first full lenght-album on March 2019 is called “Variations”.In january 2021 he released the first single, called Berlin, as Thomas Costantin, his new project as Italian singer. On june 17th 2021 there will be the release of the first EP with this new project, a collection of the 2 singles (Berlin and La città si svuota) and a new one and some edits and remixes).

The Tracklist


James Righton - Release Party

Crumb - Locket

LUMP : Animal (Edit)

Thomas Costantin - La città si svuota

David Bowie - Holy Holy

POLO & PAN - Ani Kuni

Tulioxi - I'm used to music

Axel Boman - Eyes of Mind

Hot Chip feat. Jarvis Cocker - Straight To The Morning (Myd Remix)

Clement Froissart - Peupleraie

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - So Good At Being In Trouble

Nochi : Canto de Pájaro de Mar

Django Django : Hold Fast

Echo & the Bunnymen : Ocean Rain

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