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#UNREALNUMBERS : The Message (South-Korea) + EP for Maison Close Records

It's always a true pleasure to host the Maison Close Record's team because they comes with new gems and new discoveries always with a true sense. of pluralism and diversity.

What makes our generation beautiful is the fact that we can easily create exchange between nations and culture.

Music is one of the only language that everyone can speak as long as peoples like Maison Close are investing themselves into the tradition of the perpetuation of humanism that music always offer.

It's why today I'm super glad and proud to host UNREALNUMBERS from South Korea for the last release of Maison Close Records. Between 3 different cities, energies and influences, Maison Close managed to hold the bet to finally reunited it in Paris.

UNREALNUMBERS for Radio Loubard

Hi UNREALNUMBERS, I'm glad to host you today as the first south-korean on Radio Loubard! How are you doing ? How did you live the past year ? Hello this is UNREALNUMBERS, I'm really happy that I'm the first South Korean to be interviewed by Radio Loubard. I kept producing on weekdays, DJ on weekends and praying for the corona situation to be finished!

Could you introduce yourself to your new french audience ? I'm a DJ and producer from Seoul, South Korea and I also run my label called "UN LABEL CORP" also a resident DJ at Faust Seoul.

You’ve been making a round trip between London and Berlin for a while, two cities with different atmospheres and scenes. How did you try to put these two energies into your work ?

For me, living in London for 9 years and going to Berlin every summer has always given me energy and inspiration. When I was in London I went to different parties sometimes I go to jungle/d&b clubs or even grimes, sometimes UK underground techno clubs or even illegal rave parties in the middle of nowhere. I personally think Berlin has totally different vibes if you compare to London and of course the music is different too, I rather go to an industrial EBM party when I'm in Berlin. All these experiences shaped my musical taste and helped me to find my own sound.

How did you compose this E.P ? I always work with my modulars, drum machine and synthesizer, I don't always give myself a rule that I should always start from A to B which means, sometimes I start with bassline or drums. For this EP I started with synth or bassline because for me this process quickly catches my expressions. I’ve personally loved “MK4”, the noisy side is just awesome and it has this kind of cyberpunk touch that I truly love. How did you work on this track ? When I'm DJ I always thought I needed some kind of tool track that gives bridge to tracks to another and I always wanted to make one that is still a tool track but has grooves and a bit of breakdowns. The process of background noise was finding the right texture of synth and my kind of groove. Yes it also gives cyberpunk- star wars lightsaber sound which I really loved.

What are you waiting for from your audience to feel when they will listen to your E.P ? There are some dance floor friendly tracks if you listen once but if you listen in different occasions, it could gives you different emotions, I don't give any specific feeling that the audience feels, I just let them listen and feel what they feel. How was the collaboration with Varya Karpova and Lachessi ?

When I just finished my previous EP I was preparing the next EP and sending tracks to people, Lachessi really liked "Unseen" and that's how this EP started and linked up with Maison Close Records. He suggested to me that remix from him and Varya Karpova and I liked the idea of it, because remixes always bring different points of view of original tracks.

Could you talk about your label “«Un Label Corp» ? There are a lot of labels in Europe but not in Korea and I realised that I could find producers that have similar musical taste as me. I don't know how long it will take me to grow but I'm patiently planning my label. When will you play in France…..??

If I have a chance to play next week I could just fly and play in France, I will wait for whoever book me first.

Do you want to say the final word ? Thank you for reading this interview, I really hope to see you guys in France!


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