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#VeryUglyPlates : The Message (Poland/Berlin)

Could you please introduce yourself ?

Hello Radio Loubard ! I’m Camila, I’m older than every person thinks haha!

I come from Poland, I’m now Berlin-based and I’m also making variable plates that Im’ sharing on my Instagram account @veryuglyplates and I’m selling on my website !

I also have a huge dog, he is 80 kilos and he is great company for me, I love my dog so much <3.

How did you learn to make these amazing plates ?

I’ve learned by myself haha ! Actually, I never wanted to be an artist, my mom has always pushed me into this way since I’m a kid but at school I’ve been in other ways haha. I was more into business during my studies and I eventually started to work in start-ups and I even created my own company after !

My mom is now really laughing at me…

So everything started with a broken-heart… ? No ?

Having a heart broken helps me because my creativity has just exploded after that. I was starting to make a lot of things like costumes, painting and then I came up with the plates. I found one in a charity shop online and I’ve just put “Send Nudes” on it and it was the first one of a long series to come !

And you were also unemployed at this time, you definitely know how to turn supposed negative things into a positive future haha! What is it to switch from a regular job to a 100% creative one ?

It feels good ! It is nice to have a job when you have to be creative all of the time even if it could be exhausting sometimes. Now it look impossible for me to go back to a normal stupid job without any sense. Of course, my job with @veryuglyplates is linked with marketing, sales, social media etc… but it’s still interesting actually ! I think that it’s more the fact of working as an independent that is truly precious for me.

Can you explain how you're creative process works ?

The most difficult part is to find the right plates and coming up with an idea it’s the big thing for sure. The painting itself it’s just painting basically haha.

It’s hard to find stories behind the plates and it’s truly a time consuming stuff.

Sex is a main subjects of your artwork, why ? Does living in Berlin help in a way ?

Because I don‘t have a lot of experience this time I guess haha (Because of too much work let’s say). Berlin it’s really a “slutty” city in which of course you have fun but sex is really important to people’s life and because I want to make plates for peoples I guess that it fits with it ! You know, somes are based on stories from my friends but most ideas come from inside of me ! I’m not so much into interaction, I’m more a person that watches and thinks. I really like to think and observation is always a great way to find new inspirations and so I draw for it a lot.

I really have the feeling that you’re creating stories with your plates. What kind of stories you like the most to tell ?

It really depends on my mood, I can love the one with a more funny side and also others with a deeper meaning and also just trying some other emotions and stories behind it.

These are my favorite, like more arty and still funny !

What do you want your plates to be feel or to act for your audience ?

I want ppl to laugh when t hey see my plates and I’ve created “important” plates like someone who said that it’s bring joy again in his life. For example, this guy has lost his black cat and he told me that one of my plates with a black cat was the only picture of black cat that can make him smile again ! He was really touchy..

How does your plates are link with your personnality in some ways ?

I’m just serving myself on my plates haha. I mean as an artist you always express yourself even if you don(t do the stuff that you’re talking about. For example I don’t do drugs, I don’t drink, I’m not a party person anymore haha

It’s not that all of them are based on my stories but more of my friends' stories or my thoughts. All of them are, in any case or any way, close to me.

Do you have any new projects or collaboration to come ?

I’m having few ! I’m starting a project called “Granny loves porn” !’m also working on porcelaine stuff and trying new techniques of making plates to fit it more to hotels or restaurants.

How did you find the name ?

In polish, dirty and ugly and naughty are basically the same words and I didn’t want to use this one because no one likes dirty dishes indeed ! So I kept ugly and I wanted to have a 3 words names so it’s popped out with Very Ugly Plates haha




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