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#Viscerale : The Message (Berlin) // MYST XI Pink Velvet

Instinctive, vibrant, passionate, Viscerale's sets act and interact with emotions in their freest and most intense forms.

Based in Berlin and exploring several genres from techno to trance, she has been able to play in several renowned clubs in Europe and abroad. Used to Berlin nights, she shakes the stages of About Blank, OHM, Griessmühle, Herrensauna parties to Saule (Berghain) but also in the United States and in residence at Ved Siden Af in Copenhagen.

Driven by her feelings and guided by her fluctuations, the artist's energy is fully expressed in her performances as a true sensory experience. Between amplitude, rebound and oscillation, Viscérale's sets vibrate and pulse to the rhythms of madness with a movement and a voluptuousness always mastered on her full control.

We will have the chance and the opportunity to see her playing at Myst Pink Velvet Chapter XI this Saturday. In the meantime, I am extremely happy and proud to present you Viscerale, which you will discover through these lines.

Stay bold, stay creative and above all, believe in yourself and your art more than you think.

Viscerale for Radio Loubard

Hi Viscerale ! Super happy to e-host you on Radio Loubard today ! Hope that you’re not sick anymore…? Happy to come to Paris ?

Yes, healthy and looking forward to visiting :)

Simple journalistic formality but useful: Could you present to our dear readers of the day?

My name is Nadja, I grew up in Hamburg where I studied fashion design and moved to Berlin 10 years ago. I found my love for music when I was very young and would always record soundtracks for friends on tapes and later cd´s. Actually I never had the intention to dj when I started to publish my first electronic mixtapes on Soundcloud. All I wanted was to share what I love. When I started to play for a live audience, I found it quite hard to perform with confidence and little knowledge. But the fulfillment of playing was immense, so I continued this profession and am very glad about this today.

How can you describe your style ?

I like to play various genres from hard hitting to atmospheric Techno, also trancy and harcore vibes. I like it dark & melancholic but also uplifting and euphoric! And fast!

When you’re playing, who do you trust more : Your instinct or your mind ?

My instinct!

Did this year change something on the way you’re playing ?

My style is always evolving but I realized that I am more into dreamy tunes now. We can all use some light at the moment!

You’re also a tattoo artist ! Could you introduce us to this side job ?? Maybe you will tattoo someone after your set !

I started tattooing only last year in the lockdown, and it happened more as a joke! Since I loved drawing in the past already, it inspired me a lot again and it was a nice way to spend the time without gigs.

So far it's more of a hobby and I only tattooed friends and myself, but I hope to develop this skill over years to take clients.

What does “Viscerale” mean to you ?

I feel really drawn to the definition of visceral, as in emotional and medical terms. It´s related to the visceral nervous system and to deep inward feelings. I love when music is so intense, that I feel it in the guts so to speak.

If you have a message to address at the Myst’s Audience, which one would you send ?

I´m very happy to return to Paris, which will be my first gig abroad since the pandemic. I am excited to join this pink velvet theme and looking forward to sharing an euphoric journey with everyone!

Viscerale on Soundcloud

Viscerale on Instagram


Try to catch the Myst here

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