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#Yadohh : The Message (Manchester)

All art draws its inspiration, its soul, its life from its time. It's all there, that's the only reason. From this relentless correlation, the most beautiful photos, the most beautiful works, the most beautiful poems are constantly born. Why ? Because art takes on its full meaning when it exudes sincerity, like a sublimated view of a concrete situation.

So let us not be surprised, dear brothers and sisters, that our forefathers, however valiant they may be, did not understand what's happening in the hood of Manchester and hip-hop music in general. From our natural tolerance, we understand in our turn because sincerely : How could they? Guns, Drugs, bikes, hardcore beats, uncertain rhythms in no way attract the sensitivity they have inherited.

But we also inherited other things and especially this other sensitivity to a world that is no longer. Hip-hop is a violent music? What does yadohh shoot is violent ? No, that's the era.

Artists like Yadohh only perpetuate the duty of the artist, remaining the faithful servant of their time and especially of their generation.

To oppress this music and arts is to oppress its youth, to accuse this art is to accuse its time of it. Let us turn the question in the other direction, let us divert the adages, the false truths, finally privilege the one and only sincere. At a time when bombs are raining, people are dying, men and women cry, oppression remains, freedom forever will remain the sole and most sincere of desires.

So, when you're watching the work of Yadohh, diving into his world , ask them the unique and fatal question. Where does this violence come from? From you to me, you know that anyway already.

I'm so glad to introduce you to my "sang de la veine" Yadohh from Manchester, making the connection between brutality and purity, showing real things coming from real experience.

Yadohh for Radio Loubard

Hi le saaang de la veine ! So stoked about e-hosting you on Radio Loubard as the first bro for Manchester here ! How do you doing ?

Yooo, le saaang! Thanks for having me bro I’m perfect rn I’m out in Greece having fun n working with some local artists.

How your new Marseillais slang is going ?

Bro I fuck with it hard You need to teach me more..

Could you please introduce yourself ?

I’m Yadohh from Manchester England, I take photos, strictly film, mostly 35mm.

You told me that you were only taking photos with people that are a strong interested to you. What does that mean to you and why is that so important for your professional choice ?

Taking and sharing photos is my way of showing the world through my eyes, I wanna show you all my lifestyle and the world around me

And so what interests and inspires you in life ?

My friends are my biggest inspiration, I take the majority of my photos during everyday life while me and my mates r just chillin. I’m a big fan of music, that shits my second biggest inspiration without a doubt.

You’re working a lot in a collaborative way. Could you talk about your last collaboration ?

I’m out in Greece at the moment working with musicians, other photographers and some graff artists.

What is it important for you to collaborate ? What does it create and add to your work ?

Taking pictures of someone or their work is always a collaboration. Mainly I want to give my followers the chance to discover new artists

You’re never editing your photos, everything is pure and raw. Why make this choice ?

I take my photos on an analog camera using the best film (imo), I don’t think they need editing.

Music is also taking a big part of your personal life and has definitely a connection that we can see in your work. What is the role of music in your professional and personal life ?

Personally music has always been one of my main passions but nothing I’ve ever been professionally involved with unless it’s my friend making the music.

Your photos have so much purity and really shows in a true way what living in a hood in Manchester means. Is that what you’re trying to show through your arts ?

It’s hard to not give that perception given my surroundings. Life can get tough out ere but It’s not just like that in Manchester, when I arrived in Athens and Liverpool it was the same thing, if not worse.

What does a week-end with your crew in Manchester look like ?

It can either be messy or chill, I prefer the chill vibes of my own apartment together with friends we listen to music, check out new artists and just kick back.. but if we’re getting messy then parties or a night out somewhere

How is the creative scene in Manchester ? Are people support each other ?

Fuckin sick, we really do support each other. We collaborate, share ideas and show support for each other’s projects - just how it should be init

You were talking about your needs to connect with people in Marseille. Why are you attracted to this city ?

I’ve always had an interest in Marseille but I’ve never actually been.. it just seems like my kinda place uno

Do you see any link or similarities between Marseille and Manchester ?

Idk both seem pretty diverse and urban. Feel like I need to visit to really answer that question properly

Hope we will see you soon in Marseille making troubles around ! Do you have any artists to share with us ?

100% n maybe even sooner than you think!

Could you share with us some of your favorite Manchester artists ?

Too many to mention so if I forget anyone I’m sorry but my favourite Manchester artists are









3-4 tracks ?

Johnny Cinco - I’m the one

Retch - Gimme a rush

YS x Blanco - 3000 savage

Northern Exposure - time to go to war

Most of the time I just play Future on repeat

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